Fine Bone China

What is Fine Bone China and How It’s Made For those households who love throwing dinner parties or often has company coming over, it is important to maintain a presentable home as well as have fine china available. Serving food in fine china adds a sense of luxury and refinement, making eating not only a [...]


Mikasa Fine China

Luxury at its Finest: Mikasa Fine China Give mundane and ho-hum meals a refreshing twist by using a set of fine china. With is wonderful and luxurious appearance, fine china sets are a must-have in every household. Fine china is timeless and it has such an appeal that goes on from generations to generations. There [...]


Noritake Fine China

Buy Only Noritake Fine China Fine China. It seems like people only think about them when someone passes away and several sets of it are inherited. Another instance when fine china is mulled over is during weddings where in the bride and groom picks out several patters for their gift registry. Most people only appreciate [...]


Antique Fine China

Proper Care and Usage of Antique Fine China Antique fine china is often passed to loved ones during death, weddings, housewarmings or anniversaries. One look at the dishes and one will immediately feel in love with their beautiful colors, patterns and shapes. Others often contemplate on how to score additional lovely antique fine china. There [...]

Tea Set

Fine China Tea Set

A Fine China Tea Set For the Tea Lover There are four main tea types and interestingly, they all came from one mother plant, the Camellia Sinensis. The black tea is known worldwide and enjoyed by millions. Though, it doesn’t have as many antioxidants as its counterparts, the black tea does contain the most caffeine. [...]


Paragon Fine China

Finding Beautiful Paragon Fine China Formerly known as the Star China Company, The Paragon China Company was a noted British manufacturer of high quality bone china including tableware and tea ware during the 1919 to 1960s. Paragon China Company was based on Longton, Stoke-on Trent. The Star China Company was a partnership founded by Herbert [...]

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Some homeowners invest in expensive furniture and home appliances to enhance the look and feel of their home. Other homeowners like to purchase different window treatments to instantly transform the appearance of their home’s interior in a snap. For those homeowners who love to cook and throw dinner parties, investing in beautiful china dinnerware sets [...]

L by Lenox Golden Bough Dinnerware


Acquiring additional fine china dinnerware sets require a lot of considerations. Sure, there are many beautiful pieces out there. But which one among all the beautiful sets will you choose? First, select a world-renowned brands that’s know to produce high-quality and beautiful dinnerware china like Lenox. As for the particular pattern, it is best to [...]

Simply Fine Lenox Watercolor Citrus Dinnerware


Having some guests over for dinner? Serve your deliciously cooked meals on beautiful china to make the dishes even more appealing. Crafted from fine bone china, the Simply Fine Lenox Watercolor Citrus Dinnerware completely transforms for place setting into a beautiful work of art. Each china piece feature lovely flowers in varying shades of green. [...]

Kate Spade Gardner Street Platinum Collection


Fine china should always be present in any home. Regardless of occasion, it is really refreshing to serve and eat meals on beautifully made china. So if you have fine china at home, don’t just store them in the cabinet. Use them. The Gardner Street Platinum Collection from Kate Spade New York is a wonderful [...]

Considerations When Buying Fine China Dinnerware

Oftentimes, we make do of paper, plastic or dull-looking plates as long as they hold food effectively. But there are times when we dream about owning expensive, fine china. Most newly married couples, or the bride to be exact, want to have their own sets of good dishes in case company comes to visit especially the in-laws. Buying fine china can be a bit daunting especially since there are so many choices, but it really doesn't take rocket science to pick the ones you will love.

In general, bridal registries in several and other fine shops sell beautiful fine china. First time buyers of fine china first notice the price tag: staggering. After purchasing the best baby swing or even a cheap bar stool there may not be much left in the budget. However expensive, fine china is meant to last a lifetime if well taken-care of. Fine china is available in a variety of shapes, sizes and patterns. Many buyers insist on purchasing two sets of dinnerware: a more delicate style, usually more expensive, set for formal get-togethers and another set for everyday, casual use. Fine china patterns are attractive and artistic and buyers choose what they think are the most attractive and most likely to match their kitchen decor.

Everyday china is purchased because of it's beauty as well as the durability. High quality everyday china may remind buyers of stoneware for they are a bit hefty. The advantage of this is that it resists minor cracks and chips and won't easily shatter if dropped. Fine china, on the other hand, is more elegant and luxurious as well as lighter than everyday dinnerware. More often than not, fine china features rims of platinum or gold. That is why it is important to ask questions whether it is dishwasher or microwave safe. Fickleness has to be put into check every time china is bought. Careful consideration of patterns is needed because fine china last more than a lifetime, it is important to choose patterns that you will surely love even after many years have passed. A great idea for indecisive buyers is to buy a basic set with a plain, subdued pattern and maybe get a more outrageous or brighter pattern on other smaller pieces such as saucers or dessert plates.

Fine china is sold by piece or by the place setting. Fine china sets include a dinner plate, cup and saucer, along with salad plates. The bowls are often sold separately. Everyday china settings consist of a dinner plate, cereal bowl and a salad plate while its cups and saucers are bought per piece.

Prices for fine china pieces range from $50 to over a $100 depending on the patterns, number of pieces and manufacturers quality. Bear in mind that some manufacturers might stop making a certain pattern and may not enable you to replace certain items in case they might break or chip. Take care of your fine china by storing them properly and away from children. In cases when unfortunate accidents happen, be optimistic. You can always buy another beautiful fine china set unless it was a collectors item or antique. Need to think about it for awhile? No problem. Take a look this discount bathroom vanity for sale guide while you take your time to decide.